Digital Identity for Individuals

Digital identity is how people are recognised online.

Do you want an easier way to prove who you are?

Do you want a safe, widely-accepted login for your digital identity?

Do you want more control over who you share your personal data with?

What is digital identity?

Identity means different things to different people, but digital identity is how people are recognised online.

Digital identity has the potential to touch almost every aspect of our lives. It can be used to access services including banking, establishing a company, healthcare, medical prescriptions, tax, travelling and voting. This includes day to day transactions, travel data, financial history or medical health records, all of which need proof of identity.

Collaboration on a recommended open protocol will provide New Zealanders with better ways to securely prove their identity. Plus access to multiple services on and offline. It is important that digital identity is authenticated to ensure safe, secure and reliable access.

What is Digital Identity NZ doing?

Digital Identity NZ is engaging with New Zealanders, local businesses and international bodies to support the Government in developing a digital identity trust framework that will give you confidence your privacy and data rights are protected.

Digital Identity NZ is leading a united approach to digital identity for the benefit of all New Zealanders. We are working towards delivering positive outcomes which will mean:

  • delivering digital identity based on citizens needs
  • easier access to government and business services
  • enhanced privacy and security
  • increased confidence, control and trust.

Digital Identity NZ is starting a national conversation and leading a united approach to identity data sharing, storage, access and use. Share your views, listen to others perspectives and see what Digital Identity NZ is doing.

Would you like to join the Digital Identity NZ conversation?