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Foundations of trust


Trust is fundamental and foundational to the success of digital identity. It cannot operate without trust between individuals, communities and organisations in the traditional two-party sense (think customer/service provider, buyer/seller), and equally it cannot operate without trust between the various stakeholder organisations in an identity ecosystem.

Trust is interesting in that it is a product of experience and design – and for digital identity, this points to some fundamental ‘bottom lines’ such as security, privacy and interoperability (design), and then the ability of organisations to act in a way that builds trust over time (experience).

During Techweek later this month we will be releasing our second annual research report on Digital Identity and Trust. You can view last year’s findings here. The 2020 report is being produced with the generous support of Internet NZ and the Digital Council of Aotearoa, along with a number of DINZ members (DIA, Middleware NZ, ASB, Payments NZ, PowerFinance , 2 Shakes and Tradewindow). Both Internet NZ and the Digital Council (and indeed DINZ) are committed to closing the ‘digital divide’ and removing barriers for those communities who are not served well by our online products and services. In light of this, the 2020 research includes some focussed interviews and analysis in Maori, Pacifika and Senior communities. 

Join us for these research-related events during Techweek:


Also during Techweek we’re excited to be showcasing the mahi of Digital Identity NZ members in three spotlight sessions. Each organisation will share a three minute presentation, after which we’ll facilitate a live Q&A. This is a great opportunity to hear more from some very talented and clever teams, and especially to connect and collaborate. The three sessions are:

There are still a few slots open for DINZ members to participate and present. Please register your interest and date preference here.

Further strengthening the Design element of our work, we are delighted to have signed an MoU with the Kantara Initiative, tapping into their collaborative standards and best practice knowledge banks. You can read more about the agreement here.

Lastly, to warm us up for Techweek, we are excited to be hosting the Digital Identity Transition Programme team for our next Webinar on 23rd July. You can register for that event here.

Ngā Mihi,

Andrew Weaver
Executive Director

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