Biometrics Special Interest Group (SIG)

In November 2023, the DINZ Executive Council approved the formation of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (SIG). The SIG title is deliberate, distinguishing it from a Working Group where DINZ membership is a prerequisite in accordance with NZTech policy. At the time of writing, DINZ is the first association in the NZ Tech Alliance to make this distinction, recognising the reality that biometrics is a sensitive topic, particularly from cultural and privacy perspectives, and that DINZ needs insight, expertise and experience from participants who might not normally join (or be unable to join) DINZ in the ordinary course of their business.

DINZ has undertaken much work in this field. Under the Papers, Research and Reports section of the Our Work menu you will see our Submissions over the years (September 2021, 2022 and 2023). This has primarily been in response to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s public consultations on introducing regulation in the form of a Code of Practice for biometrics. DINZ is not averse to this in principle, but suggests starting with clear guidance and falling back to a code for specific sectors on specific topics rather than a blanket regulation, given the relatively small number of issues that have surfaced through implementations. The SIG is readying itself for the prospect of developing guidance in the medium term.

DINZ Biometrics Special Interest Group – Terms of Reference


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