Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ) is committed to being tiriti honouring by giving mana to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and being an effective treaty partner with Tāngata Whenua. Te Tiriti o Waitangi and He Whakaputanga are the founding documents for Aotearoa. Te Tiriti o Waitangi asserts to have equitable partnerships (Ōritetanga) between Māori and Non-Māori as well as empowering Māori to have Rangatiratanga.  Both Māori and Non-Māori world views of identity should inform our intent and mahi in DINZ therefore we will seek to empower Māori to have Kāwantanga (Governance) and Rangatiratanga (Self Determination).

In late 2021, DINZ completed the drafting of its Statement of Intent (SOI) to honour the relevant articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in the furtherance of its mission. This Working Group, launched in May 2022, is envisaged to be an important component in seeking feedback on the draft, refining it and publishing it, developing a plan to implement the SOI and delivering it.

The aim of this group is to:  

  • Develop and recommend an action plan for DINZ to deliver on its Te Tiriti SOI
  • Support the implementation of the developed action plan
  • Support and promote Māori representation and participation in Digital Identity
  • Identify and advocate for Māori aspirations, practises, and values in relation to Digital Identity

Interested in Digital Identity and whakapapa Māori?

Email the kaiārahi at
info@digitalidentity.nz to let them know. Are you or your organisation a member? Demonstrate support for this mahi by joining.


This Working Group is open to all who are willing to participate with aroha and manaakitanga, giving freely of their time, acknowledging that all resources or knowledge developed from our mahi together will be available for use by others to further the mahi here. 

From February 1st 2022, all DINZ hosted events are subject to its Events Code of Conduct policy. By registering for and attending DINZ Te kāhuite Tiriti o DINZ WG meetings, you are acknowledging this Code and its enforcement provisions’.

TE KĀHUI TE TIRITI O DINZ Working Group – Charter