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Get involved and collaborate on an approach to digital identity for all New Zealanders.

Digital identity NZ drives trust – the essential ingredient in Aotearoa’s digital economy

Trust has been the cornerstone of all meaningful relationships since the existence of human life.  Just as it is in the analogue world, the digital world relies on trust – trust in people, organisations and devices.

People need to be confident that organisations providing services through digital channels are authentic just as they do face to face in physical channels.

Likewise, organisations that provide services digitally need to be confident people accessing their services are who they say they are and that the device they use is safe, secure and under their control.

This is the essence of digital identity and – together with its subcomponents  authentication (confirming the parties are the same as at enrollment) and authorisation (giving access to the service or entitlements) – touch – almost every aspect of our daily lives. Transactions such as banking, establishing a company, healthcare and medical prescriptions, tax, travelling and voting have digital identity at their foundation. 

Digital Identity NZ is the foremost voice of digital Identity in Aotearoa – educating and guiding, developing and leading,  raising awareness and instilling best practice in communities, business, and the public sector.

All kinds of organisations join Digital Identity NZ to support our mahi with funds, expertise and working group participation in pursuit of its Mission and Vision.

Our mahi includes: 

  • Consumer and business Research
  • Studies and analysis
  • Reports and whitepapers
  • Submissions and briefings
  • Podcasts and 
  • Newsletters
  • Thought leaders and blogs
  • Webinars and showcase events
  • The Digital Trust Hui Taumata – the only event of its kind in Australasia