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Helping New Zealand’s transformation as a digital nation

About Digital Identity NZ

Digital Identity NZ was formed to help New Zealand’s transformation as a digital nation, where everyone can prove who they are digitally to organisations in a secure and trusted way.

Digital Identity NZ is a purpose driven, inclusive, membership funded organisation, whose members have a shared passion for the opportunities that digital identity can offer. Digital Identity NZ supports a sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy digital future for all New Zealanders.

Initial activities include:

  • identifying scenarios where a person-centric digital identity helps solve key problems and improve people’s lives.
  • collaborating on discovery projects.
  • connecting with global players and sharing New Zealand’s story with the world.
  • giving input to the Government’s Digital Identity Trust Framework.
  • agreeing on a recommended open protocol model that supports multiple, interoperable solutions.
  • promote the core principles for digital identity that are important to people in New Zealand.
  • running events to engage the wider community in dialogue about digital identity.

Digital Identity NZ is helping shape the New Zealand digital identity agenda.

Our key strategies are:

  • connecting digital identity innovators, businesses, public sector organisations, iwi, regulators, researchers and interested public for a united approach.
  • promoting awareness of the socio-economic benefits that digital identity can deliver and identify opportunities to deploy digital identity.
  • advancing New Zealand’s digital economy by improving the digital identity experience. This includes collaboration on discovery projects, sharing knowledge and outputs as open sourced assets.


Digital Identity NZ is governed by an Executive Council comprised of representatives from our Founding Members.


How we work

Our approach is action-oriented, grouped around three key work streams:

  1. Discover:   Identifying and working together to resolve real world issues and to unlock new opportunities, fostering collaboration and open sharing of what we learn through discovery projects.
  2. Design: Ensuring we have the right mechanisms and standards in place to encourage choice and innovation, making sure the ecosystem offers solutions that are accessible and compatible with each other.
  3. Drive: Drawing on local and international experience to tell our uniquely New Zealand digital identity story, highlighting the opportunities that can be unlocked through our work together.

Our Founding Members

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