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Development of Digital Identity Trust Framework confirmed


Cabinet has confirmed that a Digital Identity Trust Framework based in legislation will be developed. The Trust Framework will be a regulatory regime that ensures that identity service providers meet the required rules.

The Trust Framework will also ensure that citizens and businesses can have trust and confidence that their identity information is being handled appropriately.

Developing an Interim Trust Framework

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) will develop an Interim Trust Framework, which will enable the Trust Framework rules to be developed and tested with digital identity providers, while the legislation is being drafted.

The legislation is scheduled to be introduced to the House in 2021. The legislation will enable providers to be legally accredited against the Trust Framework rules, which will be based on existing and developing standards.

The Trust Framework will support the development of security, privacy-enhancing and interoperable approaches to digital identity services, to maximise benefits for citizens, the economy and society. To inform this process, DIA will be testing a range of approaches through pilot programmes with public and private sector organisations.

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