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Digital Identity New Zealand

Inclusive and Ethical Use of Digital Identity Research Paper Published


The Inclusive and Ethical Use of Digital Identity Working Group (IEUDI) have written a research and discussion paper report looking into inclusivity and ethics in digital identity.

Purpose of this paper

The purpose of this paper is to research existing mahi in the areas of inclusivity and ethics in digital identity. Once we have this understanding, we can identify any gaps and consider how we might address them, consider developing a Code of Practice and make overall recommendations to the Executive Council for DINZ.

Paper Overview

The paper has looked at work happening in Aotearoa and Overseas.

The specific scope of this work is:

  • Help ensure inclusive, ethical and responsible use of digital identity technologies that enable equitable digital identity outcomes for all New Zealanders.
  • Build an understanding of the views and roles of relevant advocacy groups (for example but not limited to Citizens Advice Bureau, NZ Council for Civil Liberties etc) in the adoption of digital identity technologies – inclusive of and accessible to all – with optional alternatives, especially for public services.
  • Provide constructive forums for discourse with groups that are either clearly disadvantaged in relation to digital identity or have concerns about the potential future uses of digital identity.

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