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Australia’s National Strategy for Identity Resilience | July Newsletter


Kia ora e te whānau

On 23 June the Australian government released its National Strategy for Identity Resilience which consists of ten principles to guide digital identity resilience, setting a precedent for how New Zealand’s own digital identity rules could be developed under the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Act. For example, it mentions a seamless Commonwealth, state and territory digital ID system, inclusive digital identification systems and, where appropriate and with an individual’s consent, Australian governments will use biometrics to make it harder for criminals to misuse identity credentials.

This Strategy also includes immediate, medium, and long term initiatives that aim to strengthen digital identification security arrangements across jurisdictions. These initiatives will be coordinated by the Department of Home Affairs, with close collaboration across the federal, state, and territory-levels of government. Compared to New Zealand, Australia’s extra legislative and regulatory layers of government mean that for such a plan and initiatives to be agreed to and in such a short timeframe, this is a positive sign of the importance for which the Australian government is signalling their priorities. These priorities we also see mirrored by the New Zealand government in the areas around identity, security and privacy which you will often hear talked about together frequently as they are interconnected when it comes to safe, reliable and secure interactions online.

I would recommend DINZ Members and friends have a read as we learn about what our neighbours across the ditch are doing as New Zealand’s own digital identity rules are developed. Tell DINZ what you think about it by emailing

Judith Hanna
DINZ Executive Council Member

Read full news here: Australia’s National Strategy for Identity Resilience | July Newsletter

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