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Techweek TV: Digital Identity Panel

Practical application of the Digital Identity & Trust Framework: Ensuring the benefits of this tech-driven age are accessible to all

What’s it all about?

Equitable access to technology is the key driver in ensuring that the benefits of this tech-driven age of abundance can be provided to all people, not just the lucky few….and digital identity is at the very heart of ensuring that equitable access.  In this event we will be discussing the work the Department of Internal Affairs has been doing with the Digital Identity & Trust Framework and why is it important for people to think about how it might impact them, their businesses and most importantly their customers.  We will be discussing the framework at a practical level around how the DITF might work in practice, what is likely to change for participants in the technology sector with various use cases (e.g. health, education, legal, payments, banking, AML/CFT) as well as how Te Ao Māori approaches to identity are being encapsulated.



May 26
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


New Zealand