Digital Identity for Businesses

Get involved and collaborate on an approach to digital identity for all New Zealanders.

Do you want to simplify your onboarding processes?

Do you want to be more efficient with identity checking?

Do you want to streamline compliance requirements?

Digital Identity NZ is engaging with New Zealanders, local businesses and international bodies to to support the Government in developing a digital identity trust framework that will to set the rules of engagement for all participants. We want New Zealand businesses to have simple, cost effective and secure access to a digital identity model that can be reliably used across multiple platforms.

What is digital identity?

Identity means different things to different people, but digital identity is how people are recognised online.

Digital identity has the potential to touch almost every aspect of our lives. It can be used to access services including banking, establishing a company, healthcare, medical prescriptions, tax, travelling and voting. This includes day to day transactions, travel data, financial history or medical health records, all of which need proof of identity.

Collaboration on a recommended open protocol will provide New Zealanders with better ways to securely prove their identity. Plus access to multiple services on and offline. It is important that digital identity is authenticated to ensure safe, secure and reliable access.

Digital Identity can be used to:

  • Simplify your onboarding processes. 
  • Be efficient with identity checking. 
  • Streamline your compliance requirements.

Why Digital Identity NZ needs you!

Now is the time to collaborate on an approach that balances individual privacy rights, cultural considerations, commercial needs and the interests of New Zealand.

Digital identity isn’t just for individuals and governments. It is a whole of economy issue that needs innovation, investment and scale. We need more businesses on board to help shape New Zealand’s digital transformation and enable wide acceptance of an open protocol for digital identity.

Currently, investment in digital identity is fragmented. The New Zealand Government funds RealMe however, some agencies also have bespoke systems. Meanwhile, the private sector continues to develop its own systems.

Removing data silos will enable trust and cost efficiencies of data storage, enable interoperability and shared credentials. An open protocol will also create deeper insights, delivering personalised customer experiences and help build trusted relationships.

What is Digital Identity NZ doing?

During its establishment phase, Digital Identity NZ’s founding members are collaborating to advance a successful digital identity ecosystem in New Zealand. Initial objectives are to:

  • put people in control and ownership of their digital identity;
  • enable people to participate in the economy and society more easily with confidence and choice;
  • empower businesses to innovate with clarity around identity;
  • improve productivity, ease compliance and reduce effort when requesting, attesting and validating identity or identity attributes; and
  • better adapt to identity challenges in an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Are you a Kiwi business and want to learn more about Digital Identity NZ?

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