Impact & Opportunity

DINZ encouraged and supported the development of the Bill from the outset and to this day continues to be supportive of the Bill’s intent and the Trust Framework as a cornerstone for enabling the future of a Digital Identity ecosystem for all of Aotearoa New Zealand – after all, who could argue against keeping New Zealanders safe online? There has never been a better time to establish Identity’s crucial role in Digital Trust than now and industry is keen to engage in the process since success will come through community and industry collaboration and consultation with Government. Several DINZ members and stakeholders from member organisations took part in the mahi that resulted in the Bill’s formation. DINZ is eager to keep contributing our members’ ideas and experiences to the Select Committee process and beyond. 

The interoperability with other Trust Frameworks and standards in force internationally is acknowledged in the Bill. This is typically done as a series of mappings which help assessors determine the relative conformance of a service provider’s service accredited/certified to one Trust Framework to another such as the DISTF.  Developing and maintaining these mappings helps international service providers by reducing the incremental time and cost for compliance with an additional Trust Framework – whether it is international and seeking to operate in New Zealand, or local and seeking to operate internationally.  This is another area where members are keen to discuss industry’s operational knowledge and experience. 

None of the four other common law countries with which Aotearoa New Zealand is typically compared has passed legislation. We could be the first, or a close second to Australia, because its high-level proposed legislation is moving at a similar pace as New Zealand’s, and the UK and US have stated intentions to legislate. Spurred on by industry, New Zealand is moving faster and more progressively by advancing both the legislation and the rules at the same time, assisted by knowledge of the experiences of other governments. This is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure a truly people-centric ecosystem, underpinned by Te Tiriti and indigenous values, that could be world-leading for Aotearoa and exportable to the rest of the world for our tech industry. 

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