‘Identiful’ Digital Wallets and why you should care | October Newsletter

Kia ora e te whānau You would have heard digital wallets mentioned almost every week, if not every day, over the past couple of years. They formed part of the discussion on this International Panel I participated in very early one morning last week.  As conversations build on each other and as we increasingly use banking apps, … Continue reading "‘Identiful’ Digital Wallets and why you should care | October Newsletter"
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Leading the digital trust conversation

Why is digital trust so important? We asked Digital Identity NZ’s executive director Colin Wallis for his perspective on an equitable digital future. Plus, we preview the top trends in digital identity.
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Leveraging Blockchain for your Digital identity

Many believe that using Blockchain technology to create self-sovereign identity solutions is the future. Can decentralising identity management empower the individual by returning control over their own identity to them, the user? Is it more secure than relying on centralised identity providers, in the form of authorisation services, password or key management systems? These and … Continue reading "Leveraging Blockchain for your Digital identity"
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In April, Callaghan Innovation launches Scale-Up New Zealand, a free online platform with verified information on Aotearoa New Zealand’s vibrant innovation ecosystem.