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Get involved with DINZ this November!


Next week we’re celebrating our first Aotearoa Digital Identity Hui Taumata.  We’re particularly excited to be bringing you a Kapa Kōrero session with Kaye-Maree Dunne, Jane-Renee Retimana, Belinda Allen and Ben Tairea.  The quartet will be exploring perspectives from Te Ao Māori, and the relevance of Te Tiriti in our collective work on digital identity.
The Digital Identity Transition Team will also be presenting – updating us on the next steps for the Interim Trust Framework, as well as the team’s approach to introducing the Digital Identity Bill.
We will hear from David Birch on what breaks digital identity ecosystems.  He will explore some stress tests for digital identity, and outline some of the fundamental use cases that must be considered for digital identity to succeed.  Bianca Lopes will then take us on a multisensory trip around the globe, looking at how different countries have addressed privacy challenges, and what lessons we might apply in New Zealand.
Register now to join us next week, and spread the word amongst your colleagues.  Please also contact us if you know of anyone who would like to attend, but for whom finances are a challenge.  We have some generous supporters who are happy to assist.
Looking ahead to a busy few weeks…
Following on from our earlier kōrero on the 2020 Trust and Identity Research and AML Reliance report, we have two members working group initiatives kicking off.  Each group will meet twice before the end of the year:

  1. AML Reliance kōrero – Monday 30 November and Monday 14 December
  2. Trust & Identity Education (research followup) – Monday 7 December and Monday 21 December

We will also bring the DINZ community together for our Annual Meeting on 10 December.  Please register if you are interested in attending.  Here, we’ll be announcing our four new (or re-elected) Executive Council members.  Thank you for the wonderful response to the call for nominations – we have eleven highly skilled and passionate people who have been put forward.
It’s a great time to get involved, and to spread the word!

Ngā Mihi,

Andrew Weaver
Executive Director

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