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Digital Identity New Zealand

Executive Council nominations now open

In December 2019, members elected the first Digital Identity NZ Executive Council. The Council is the governing group for the association; providing guidance and direction as we navigate the developing world of digital identity in Aotearoa. Each Council member is elected for a two-year term, with elections held annually and results notified at the AGM in December. So, as we approach the end of the year it is time for us to call for nominations for the Council seats coming up for re-election.

This year, there are seven positions up for election, x3 positions in the Major Corporate, x3 positions in the Corporate Other, and x1 position for the SME/Start-up category.

When we formed the Executive Council we asked that you consider electing a diverse group of members who reflect the diversity of the community we seek to support. You did that. The power of that diversity has shone through in the work of the Council this year, especially as we consider the importance of Te Tiriti in a well-functioning digital identity ecosystem.

As the Council has considered its own makeup, we’ve identified a number of areas where diversity, as well as expertise in the digital identity space, might help us better serve the community. Nominations from those involved in the business and service sectors and kaupapa Māori organisations are especially encouraged. We also encourage suggestions from young people within your organisations, as the viewpoint of young people is extremely essential and relevant to the work we perform. Digital Identity NZ has a policy on Board diversity which you can read here.

Once elected in December, one of the first responsibilities of the new Council will be to elect a new Chair for the EC Council or consider re-electing the current chair. Following the departure of David Morrison, who served as Chair of our organisation since 2018, in February 2021, the council elected Ben Tairea as the new Chair, and both are excellent Kairahi (guides/counsellors/leaders). Currently supporting Ben diligently are Sat Mandri, co-chair and Tamara Al-Salim, deputy chair and their serving terms are through to 2022.

2022 is a pivotal year for digital identity with the introduction of the Digital Identity Bill and further development of the ecosystem. We are looking forward to some stellar nominations to help us in exploring and pursuing the best opportunities for Digital Identity NZ to make a positive difference in 2022 and beyond.    

Executive Council Nominations  

There is now an opportunity to put yourself forward or nominate someone else, for a role on the Digital Identity NZ Executive Council. This year we have vacancies for the following positions:

  • Corporate – Major (3 positions)
  • Corporate – Other (3 positions)
  • SME & Start-up (1 position)

The nominees for the above positions must be from a Digital Identity NZ member organisation, and be from the same Digital Identity NZ Group that they are to represent on the Executive Council.

All nominations must be entered into the online form here by 5pm, Thursday 28 October 2021.

Digital Identity NZExecutive Council roles and responsibilities include:

  • Direct and supervise the business and affairs of Digital Identity NZ
  • Attend monthly Executive Council meetings, usually two hours in duration (video conferencing available)
  • Represent Digital Identity NZ at industry events and as part of delegations
  • Assist with managing and securing members of Digital Identity NZ
  • Participate in Digital Identity NZ working groups and projects
  • Where agreed by the Executive Council, act as a spokesperson for Digital Identity NZ on particular issues relating to working groups or projects
  • Be a vocal advocate of Digital Identity NZ    

Online Voting

Voting will take place online in advance of the meeting. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting. Please see the Charterfor an outline of Executive Council Membership and election process. Each organisation has one vote that is allocated to the primary contact of the member organisation.    

Annual Meeting Details

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for 10:00am on Thursday 2 December 2021 and is to be held via Zoom. Register for the event here. 

Notices and Remits

If you wish to propose any notices or motions to be considered at the Annual Meeting, please send them to by 5pm, Thursday 11 November 2021.    

Key Dates:

  • Now: Call for Nominations for Executive Council representatives issued to Members
  • 28 October: Deadline for nominations to be received
  • 4 November: List of nominees to be issued to Digital Identity voting members and electronic voting commences
  • 11 November: Any proposed notices, motions, or remits to be advised to Digital Identity NZ
  • 2 December: Annual Meeting, results of online voting announced.  

Digital Identity New Zealand A purpose driven, inclusive, membership funded organisation, whose members have a shared passion for the opportunities that digital identity can offer. Digital Identity NZ supports a sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy digital future for all New Zealanders.